The Southern Region – Golden Circle. From Hótel Sól, take Road No. 520 to Skorradalur across Dragháls and Ferstikluháls to Hvalfjörður. In Hvalfjörður, you will find Ferstikluskáli, where you can enjoy various refreshments, shop and look at the Small Whale Museum. Take Road No. 47 through Hvalfjörður, then Road No. 48 across Mosfellsheiði and then Road No. 36 to Þingvellir. From there, you can continue across Lyngdalsheiði via Road No. 365 and then Road No. 37 and Road No. 35 to Geysir and Gullfoss. You can then either take the same route back or take Road No. 35 across Grímsnes and then Route No. 36 through the national park at Þingvellir. From Þingvellir, you can take Route No. 550 across Uxahryggir and then Route No. 50 to Hvanneyri.

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